Wednesday, 6 May 2009

My LCC maps on the web

Since I took photos of the LCC maps at the LMA, several people have blogged them or linked to them in local London community forums.

I hope to get on to some more interesting discussion relating to the maps, but firstly, I thought it would be useful to highlight some of these responses to the maps. If you know of any I've missed, I'd love to hear from you.

View V2 rockets on London in a larger map

Londonist - Matt Brown's blogpost and googlemap of V2 strikes (see above) based on my LCC maps set.
5 rocket sites I am near - Neat little application by Tom Taylor, based on Matt Brown's map.
nerviosismo - Related post in Spanish.
Airminded - Pick-up on Londonist's map.
Yorkshire Ranter - Pick-up on Airminded blog.
Transpontine - Post on New Cross Woolworths V2 strike, response to Londonist blog.
Brockley Central Local blog discussing bomb damgae, referring to maps. - Local forum discussion linking to several maps.
Camberwell Online - Local forum discussion linking to relevant maps.
Blackheath Bugle - Local blog on Blitz damage.
hughw36 - Pick-up on Blackheath Bugle blog.
Greenwich Phantom - Local discussion inspired by the Londonist blog... and more in the comment thread on this post about bomb damage at Maze Hill.
London at War - Flickr group discussion.
Pistonheads - Motor forum thread. Their posting rules do not allow me to contribute to the discussion.

Some of these are repetitive and refer back to each other, but I wanted to gather them in one place.

We have also had interesting discussions on the photos within flickr, but these are less formal. I hope to collate some of the gems from those threads in a future post.

[Edited to add references to this blog, 22/05/09] - Unfortunately, I'm not sufficiently confident at French to reply. - Response to LCC bomb damage maps post.


  1. I had no idea you were such a star beyond Flickr. Well-deserved though, Yersinia, those maps are invaluable. Thinking of blog/mapping my local stuff now...

  2. This invaluable and well done to say the least.
    There are many personal stories connected with these bomb maps,some of which connect with my family in London during WW2.The history is fast disappearing,people who died are being forgotten.

  3. I lived next to Windsor Great Park as a child and I remember being shown where a V2 had come down in the park. Somewhere near the Savile gardens I think.

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